Rhino emigrate to Australia

A retired South African sales executive who emigrated to Australia 30 years ago is hatching a daring plan to airlift 80 rhino to his adopted country in a bid to save the species from poachers. Flying each animal on the 11 000km journey will cost about $44 000, but Ray Dearlove believes the expense and… Read More »

Ready for a gay Springbok?

Jozi Cats: South Africa’s first gay and inclusive rugby club As reported in the Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/may/12/africa-first-gay-rugby-club-jozi-cats-gay-lgbt-stereotypes Excerpt from the article: Africa’s first gay and inclusive rugby club has launched a provocative campaign featuring homophobic slurs in a bid undermine stereotypes. The new recruitment drive features posters of team members accompanied by words such as “queen”, “fairy”… Read More »

Top 10 most admired people in South Africa

So, Who are the most admired South Africans? When you think of the most admired South African’s you automatically think that they would be, musicians, media personalties or sportsmen. However according to global market research firm, YouGov, the results of its 2016 “most admired” rankings, reveal very surprising individuals. Trevor Noah was ranked as the… Read More »

South African Economy sinks to third largest in Africa

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) suggests that Egypt has overtaken South Africa as the second largest economy in Africa. African economies have long been plagued by burning questions like the one below.. South Africa has been known as the continent’s second-largest economy since Nigeria rebased its gross domestic product (GDP) data in early 2014. However,… Read More »